Homoeopathy, the Science of Therapeutics

Homoeopathy, the Science of Therapeutics

By: Carroll Dunham
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Homoeopathy, the Science of Therapeutics

The present volume contains the author's views on the cure of disease by drugs. In their arrangement no attention has been paid to the order of time in which they were written, but those on the principles of cure have been placed together, while clinical cases illustrating these principal have been put side by side.

About the Author:
Carroll Dunham Dr. Dunham graduated from Columbia University with Honours in 1847. In 1850 he received M.D. degree at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York. While in Dublin, he received a dissecting wound that nearly killed him, but with the aid of homoeopathy he cured himself with Lachesis. He visited various homoeopathic hospitals in Europe and then went to Munster where he stayed with Dr. Boenninghausen and studied the methods of that great master. He was a voluminous writer. For twenty-five years, he regularly contributed articles. Among his works are 'Lectures on Materia Medica' and 'Homoeopathy - Science of Therapeutics. Whatever subject he touched he treated it with the best of his ability and revealed his thorough grasp of the fundamental principles.

Details of Book: Homoeopathy, the Science of Therapeutics

Book: Homoeopathy, the Science of Therapeutics
By: Carroll Dunham
Subtitle: The Principles of Homoeopathy
ISBN-10: 8170211948
Edition: Reprint edition
Language: English
Weight: 0.6
Released On: 2003
Binding: Softcover
Physical Details: 529p.
Size: 14x22

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