Accurate Homeopathy

Accurate Homeopathy

By: Sanjay Modi
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Accurate Homeopathy

This is the first in the series of accurate books which the author is coming out with "Accurate Homeopathy" promises to make homeopathic practice simple, straight and yet highly effective, so as to assure "Easy accessibility with faster results". The book introduces for the first time definite guidelines for selection of "Totality of symptoms" and "Potency" which is scientifically supported. It has been so well formulated that they have been proposed as Modi's trio for selecting Totality and Modi's law for selecting Potency. Accurate Homeopathy guides you through the maps we carry regarding various steps in Homeopathy. It will be an illuminating experience for the reader to verify the authenticness of those prelabelled maps which have been handed over to us under the pretext of "Hahnemann" and "Homeopathy".

About the Author:
Sanjay Modi Dr. Sanjay Modi is a lecturer in Mumbai's prestigious Homeopathic Medical College since the last 20 years teaching Organon, Philosophy, Material Medica and Repertory subjects. He is an Honorary Physician to the Mumbadevi Homeopathic Hospital, Mumbai. He has authored a text book for University students titled "Organon of Medicine simplified". He had been Hon. Lecturer to the Bombay Adult Education Society and Subodh Mehta Medical Centre Mumbai. Besides Homeopathy he is a proficient in the science of yoga, hypnosis and meditation for the last 20 years.

Details of Book: Accurate Homeopathy

Book: Accurate Homeopathy
By: Sanjay Modi
Subtitle: Hahnemann's Directives & It's Application
Edition: 1st edition
Language: English
Weight: 0.42
Released On: 2004
Binding: Softcover
Physical Details: 220p., Appendix; References; 24cm.
Size: 18x24

Table of Contents:
Section I:
Science of Reasoning
Being Receptive
Section II:
Exciting and Fundamental Cause
Nature vs Nurture
Organicness of Disease
Representative Symptoms a guide to individualization
Impure sources of Disease and Materia Medica
Susceptibility and Drug Dosage

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